Meet the Team


Christina Giachino


Christina is a post rehab exercise specialist. Her knowledge of post rehabilitation Pilates in unlike anyone in our area.

Christina Giachino is a certified Pilates instructor through the Pilates Method Alliance and is currently working at Kris Shevlin Physical Therapy. She teaches corrective exercises that integrate the whole body healing process. Christina is also a BCES (Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist) who has been certified through the Pink Ribbon Program to work with breast cancer survivors. Christina has made breast cancer recovery her focus since being diagnosed herself in 2006. Christina helps breast cancer survivors obtain quality of life during and after treatment; her goal to educate, encourage, and empower breast cancer survivors to live their best life and reach their fitness and health goals. 

Christina offers one hour individual, duet, or trio Pilates sessions. The Pilates exercises are performed one-on-one, on specially designed Pilates equipment, and enable the client to obtain core stabilizing strength and postural alignment. She offers Pilates sessions Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Please contact her to schedule an appointment at (916) 612-7800

Karen Chapman

Karen Chapman is a certified Yoga Instructor and Massage Therapist. Her business, ACU-YOGINI, offers gentle Yoga classes, Yoga and Acupressure workshops, and private sessions catered to your needs. Through Karens many years of bodywork, she has created her signature Acupressure-Massage, which is combination of Energetic Acupressure with Massage Therapy. Karen uses her unique recipe of acupressure points to address each client’s individuals. 

karen-yoga-012015-9976jpg (1).jpg

Karen offers Yoga Class Series throughout the year which are taught at a slow pace with special attention for detail of strength and flexibility. Karen guides her students through a compassionate, heart centered practice to build body awareness.

Karen also offers Yoga and Acupressure workshops throughout the year that combine the movements and breathing exercises of Yoga with Self-Care Acupressure Points. These workshops are centered around Karen’s modern interpretation of the ancient healing art of Chinese 5 Element Theory.

Karen is available for Private Yoga or Acu-Massage Sessions on Tuesday and Thursday at Kris Shevlin’s Studio. To be added to Karen’s email list to learn more about upcoming Gentle Yoga Class Series and Yoga & Acupressure Workshops, please visit Karen’s website: WWW.ACUYOGINI.COM

Ryan Caputi

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Ryan Caputi is a certified Structural Integration Massage Therapist that works directly on your connective tissues (aka fascia). His specialized training offers freedom of pain, postural realignment, increased mobility, and helps release your body from restriction. Ryan has multiple certifications and trainings in massage, bodywork, and Yoga/meditation. 

Ryan began his journey getting a MBA in Finance but over the years he began to notice a sense of discontent within himself and heard this articulated in the sighs, manufactured smiles and slumped postures of those around him. It was not until Ryan started Yoga that he realized he could cultivate, grow, and protect this feeling of genuine enthusiasm and vibrancy in everyday life. 

In 2013, after a family health scare, Ryan made the decision to end his career path and fully commit to teaching Yoga full-time and train to become a Rolfer. Teaching Yoga and practicing Rolfing has taught Ryan how to support, speak to, and help heal his clients. Ryan offers structural integration massage sessions at Kris Shevlin’s Studio. To learn more about Ryan and hear testimonials from his clients, check out his website at: